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Sixth Grade Students Learn about the Ohlone Tribes

Friday, January 26, 2018

The sixth-grade students learned about Ohlone Tribes in the Bay Area and based on their research created a proposal for an Ohlone Cultural Center in San Francisco. Desiree Munoz (https://www.presidio.gov/blog/placemaker-national-park-service-ranger-desiree-munoz-talks-about-her-ohlone-heritage) then came and talked to our class about the Ohlone, specifically her tribe the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe. Desiree Munoz is the first park ranger to be a member of an Ohlone tribe and return to her ancestors land in the Presidio. She focused her presentation on the history, present, and future of the tribe. She also talked about her hope for a permanent structure in the Presidio dedicated to the Ohlone people, so after her presentation students wrote letters to General Superintendent Laura Joss explaining why they believed the Presidio should have a permanent structure for the Ohlone tribes. We talked about the role of an ally and how we can use our power to make our community more inclusive.