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Technology Integration in the Field

Taking Technology into Nature: Field Labs   

A short walk from campus, students conduct a forest transect of a coastal redwood grove.

The integration of technology is fundamental to our middle school environmental science program. We believe technology literacy is vital, and if applied appropriately, can enhance a facet of science skills. Our 1-to-1 Ipad program helps our students document seasonal change, collect field data, personalize information, and as a learning accommodation. Our innovative approach using Notability for field labs, along with our collaboration with Presidio Trust Biologist, our students have access to a plethora of modern tracking and monitoring devices allowing them practice real field science. Our goal is to provide as many different ways to think about science as possible. We remind our students that technology is a science tool that allows us to make observations and inferences we couldn't ordinarily make.




 Sometimes even when technology is in your hand - it's more interesting to look up:



Middle school scientists conducting a stream flow experiment following a heavy rain: El Polin Springs is a 15 minute downhill walk from campus and has two sources. The southern spring typically only flows during wetter seasons. The famous west spring, El Polin, hasn't stopped flowing for over 200 years. A unique and tangible example for our students to learn about the ever changing cycles of hydrology and our local Tennessee Hollow Watershed.