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TK Language Arts


  1. Demonstrates phonological awareness
  2. Recognizes and names all upper case letters and many lower case letters
  3. Demonstrates basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondence
  4. Recognizes his/her name, names of classmates, and some sight words and environmental print
  5. Demonstrates understanding of the organization and basic features of print
  6. Retells key events of stories and recalls important facts/information from a text read aloud


  1. Writes first name
  2. Prints upper case letters with appropriate directionality
  3. Uses dictation and drawings to convey meaning
  4. Writes beginning and ending consonants of a word

Speaking and Listening

  1. Uses appropriate volume
  2. Speaks clearly and communicates effectively
  3. Makes statements and asks questions that show thinking
  4. Follows agreed upon rules for discussion