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Walkathon 2020!

Welcome to Walkathon 2020 - Walking Through Rainbows!

Set Up Your Family's Fundraising Page

Click the link below to go to PHS's PledgeStar page. 

Need additional help? Watch this video for a walkthrough.



Pick Your Walkathon Activities

This year, students can choose from a variety of activities to complete their laps and count towards community participation. Each day, teachers will share a video from Team Walkathon with a suggestion for the day. Videos will also be posted to this website - watch this space!

  • 20 jumping jacks = 1 lap
  • 10 push-ups = 1 lap
  • 10 sit-ups = 1 lap
  • Taking a 15-minute neighborhood walk = 5 laps
  • Doing 15 minutes of yoga = 5 laps
  • Having a 15-minute dance party = 5 laps
  • Drawing or arts & crafts for 30 minutes = 5 laps
  • Practicing an instrument for 30 minutes = 5 laps
  • Running/jogging 1 mile = 10 laps
  • Biking 1 mile = 10 laps
  • Finding a rainbow, taking a picture, and sending it to Stephanie = 20 laps!!

We recommend setting a goal, and doing a mix of activities to meet that goal. Last year, the average student walked 31 laps. Let's see how much we can do together!

Listen Along

Click here to play or download a special Walkathon playlist of student-requested songs, compiled by 2nd grade parent Hide Oneda. Thank you, Hide! Happy listening!

Share With Us!

Does your student have a particular activity they would love to share? Here's their chance to inspire others! Record a short video demonstration (using your phone is a-OK) and email it to stephanie@presidiohill.org. Submitted videos may be shared with our student body and on this website.


Art by Katie Shannon, 6th Grade. Thank you Katie!