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A year-long partnership between the PHS Fourth Grade Class and the Institute on Aging

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Each year at PHS the fourth-grade class partners with the Institute on Aging for a regular visit between the students and the aging adults from the Institute. This tradition began with Erainya Neirro, long-time fourth-grade teacher at PHS, who passed it on to our current fourth-grade teacher, Tira Sims. Once a month students walk to the Institute to talk, draw, play and sing with their elders. The class participates in games, creates crafts, and completes projects as part of their work with the Institute and is led by Alison Moritz, of the Institute on Aging, and teaching artist, Nayad. Students learn about the each elder as an individual and also see the process of aging in real life. This ongoing service project brings perspective, empathy, and joy to the fourth-grade students.