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students walking in the Presidio

Where children permanently fall in love with learning.

We are an independent, progressive school with a mission that inspires children to discover and develop their full potential.

Mission & Core Values

Presidio Hill School offers its students a challenging, project-based curriculum that attends to their intellectual and social-emotional needs and prepares them to be agents of positive social change. Guided by a skilled and caring faculty, students learn to be confident and curious, to be creative problem solvers and independent, critical thinkers. 

The Presidio Is Our Front Yard

Our campus is located just steps away from this national landmark, whose wooded trails, scenic hills and bountiful open spaces provide a rich natural backdrop for unique educational opportunities.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our vibrant, diverse, and supportive community allows students to explore their unique voices, traits, and talents; our emphasis on the importance of community and justice encourages students to develop self-awareness, personal character, resilience, and an understanding of their role as stewards of the planet and citizens of the world. 

Educational Philosophy

The task of our school is to know each child well and build on their interests and abilities, leading individual students to ever-expanding circles of knowledge, responsibility, understanding, social competence and skill development. 

Happy Kids, Engaged Families

Small class sizes, one class per grade in the lower school and two sections per grade in the middle school, and an intimate, collaborative environment ensure that every child in our community is known and nurtured, that all families are appreciated and involved.

100+ Years of Progressive Education

PHS has fulfilled its progressive mission for over 100 years. The longest continually operating independent progressive school in California and the site of the Center for Progressive Education, we are pioneers in child-centered, personalized learning.

What's Happening

By the Numbers


Average number of hours our youngest learners spend in the Presidio weekly


Number of years PHS has been educating students in San Francisco


Average years of Presidio Hill tenure for lead teachers


Average student to teacher ratio


Percentage of PHS 8th graders who received an enrollment offer from one of their top three high schools in 2022


Millions of dollars allocated to flexible tuition offsets yearly


Number of PHS-organized community events per year

Non-Discrimination Policy:

Presidio Hill School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation in its admission processes, hiring practices, or the administration of its educational policies or school programs.